Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

Well, for Talking Heads, it makes sense for them to stop making sense...

There's a love to love here, other than the music:
- David Byrne acting like a spastic skeleton morphing into a staggering punk then a small man in a big suit to a semonic theologian, and all covered in sweat.
- Tina Weymouth being absolutely adorable as she lays down a steady heart beat in-sync with her stepping in place.
- Chris Frantz, casually dressed as ever, and always lively.
- Jerry Harrison cool and quiet, and maybe, secretly charming Lynn Mabry and Ednah Holt, the beautiful backing vocalist and dancers.
- Steven Scales, Bernie Worrell, and Alex Weir all adding the extra sugar, spice and everything nice to the equation.
- A constantly changing stage
- Randomized words
- Dancing lamp stands
- The big suit!
- A lot of running and running in place
- and The Tom Tom Club

Highly Recommended!

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