Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

Like I said... Asgardian of the Galaxy.

It's funny, it's colorful, it's entertaining, and it's all fine. But is it "great"? I honestly wouldn't say it is. At least not compared to what Marvel has given us in the past.

Now I'm not a fan of Thor. Well, the Thor movies. The first Thor film, for me, was so... underwhelming, and tonally jarring. The second Thor, Thor: The Dark World, was visually better than it's predecessor, but dipped in quality by a large margin. So the idea of a third Thor film, at first, was an eye roll.

Then I heard Taika Waititi was directing. Which was a total double take on my part; I was like "did I hear that right?", and I did.

This thought, and the first trailer, defibbed me back to a positive take on Thor. I was so excited. I was like, "This could be it! This could be the Thor that does it! Plus Hulk's gonna be on board too (my favorite Marvel character), I'm so STOKED!" Then the review came in and, "WOW. This really IS gonna be the best!"

And it was...? I guess.

It's definitely the best Thor film yet, like I've said, but one of the best Marvel movies? Um... no?

This is probably the first time I've ever felt the Marvel fatigue everybody seems to have been talking about. And then I'm completely taken back by the widely positive criticism this film has been getting (even from anti-Marvel people).

I'm over here like: "yeah, that was okay. Korg was funny."
and everybody else: "Taika Waititi is an untouchable GOD that rejuvenated Marvel..."

HELLO!?! This film has happened before... It's called Guardians of the Galaxy... Y'know, the film made 3 years ago... by the same film studio... What the hell are you guys talking about?

The comedy, though slightly goofier and slightly less mean-spirited, is basically the same. The characters are the same. Hell, the film even looks like it took half of the color palette of Guardians. And Guardians still has this film beat, with better action, a better soundtrack (not saying Immigrant Song is bad, I'm a life long fan of Zeppelin, it's just that the film didn't have much musical variety), better emotional beats, and more spaceships (that last one is a personal bias).

As much as I salute Waititi for actually making a good, and funny, Thor film; I can't help but see a retread of other (even better) Marvel films. Where this film peaks in comedy, it loses so much in the emotional stakes. If you know anything about RAGNARÖK (Ragnarøkkr) from Norse mythology, it's a sonnuva bitch! Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdall(r), and others all die brutally and unmercifully in combat. It's not a pleasant story; and yet Thor: Ragnarok is a action-comedy...

See the problem there? What should be a dark, emotional, and unforgiving storyline is completely and sadly turned into a safe Marvel comedy. Now look, I get that it's a comic book movie (which is separated from the actual Norse mythology) and they won't just kill off Thor or even Loki, but (SPOILERS) having Odin just wisped away is hardly Ragnarok. Hell, this film is hardly Ragnarok. The only semblance of this film being Ragnarok is having Asgard destroyed. Which was one joke away from having any actual emotional arc. Again, something Guardians 2 at least knows how to land. (END OF SPOILERS)

I don't like to rant, but I always seem to have to when it comes to explaining the difference between ignorance and hypocrisy; and that most people seem to lean one way or the other instead of thinking for themselves and doing a little bit of research. This film had potential, it just failed to explore it in replacement of a more colorful sense of humor. So by wasting this potential of actually being one of the greatest Marvel films, it comes off as a by the numbers, successful comedy (that also happens to be Marvel film).

*long sigh*... that took a while to write. I'll now just list off 10 good things about the film, to make up for my rant:
1. Taika Waititi as Korg (the shining star of the film)
2. Jeff Goldblum
3. The Play (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see the film)
4. Hela (finally, a decent villain... with a sadly small amount of juicy screen time)
5. Mark Ruffalo (truly, the Strongest Avenger)
6. Shake Weight
7. Mr. Doctor Strange (and "falling for 30 minutes")
8. God of Thunder (not Hammers)
10. and... The Revengers (make it happen Marvel)

You happy now?

It's a Marvel film, of course I'm gonna Recommend it. Just don't expect it to be "Great".

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