Targets ★★★★

Bogdanovich's big breakthrough film is one that does the topic of gun violence in America and the shifting tides of what could be considered "horror" in film complete justice. By the late 60s, horror was being redefined in terms of graphic content but also political content with films like Night of the Living Dead, and Targets being no exception. It's shocking how relevant the film still is today, as every year there seems to be another horrible mass shooting that keeps bringing up the gun control debate and every year nothing is done other than symbolic gesturing. We can almost pity Bobby's struggle with his mental problems, but once he fires the first shot our sympathy vanishes and he becomes nothing more than another killer looking for attention. Boris Karloff's story in the film is a reflection of his importance as an actor, after years of diluting his acting ability to being the boogeyman of Hollywood. Yet Targets allows for him to end his career, not just on a high note, but with a story that's pertinent to America.

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