Midsommar ★★★★

It's hard not to give anything away, but this is a wild goddamn ride. Is it crazy that I can see how this was inspired by a break-up? I don't think I'm supposed to hate him, but I couldn't stand the boyfriend from the beginning. Aster has said that relationships are made of sacrifices, and I don't totally see it, but I think there's a deeper level in the movie that addresses this.

If you have any idea where the story is going (the direction seems obvious, though predicting the details is difficult), then this just feels soo long and stretched out.

This is beautifully shot. There's a brilliant use of light and dark throughout. The subtle CGI worked, but there plenty of moments when it was bad, especially in the guts territory.

Is this body horror? It's like some weird cross between Hereditary, the new Suspiria, and Annihilation, all set during the day. Either way, it renewed my resolve to never do drugs ever. I couldn't in good faith recommend it to anyone, because it's just so gruesome, but I enjoyed it.

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