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  • Spetsai


    Exactly the kind of simultaneously reasonable and uniquely beautiful/engaging approach that Debord deserves and perhaps furthermore is indicative of what he is speaking of in the first place. Humanity's ignorance on display while the words of one of the people most understanding of such a thing has their words sat atop it.

  • The Exquisite Corpus

    The Exquisite Corpus

    Maybe the subject makes it the obvious approach to take but the indulgence on display isn't as satisfying as other films from the master which say so much more with their images and arrangements of them. It is so visually impressive that I can't consider it among Tscherkassky's weaker works as I once did but too thin on ideas to be near his greater ones.

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  • RR


    “The film is called RR, but I like to call it “Railroad,” because RR sounds like a pirate movie.”—James Benning

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon

    Refn's film about cinema, tirelessly reiterating that the most important thing ("the only thing") is that which is seen and is immediately striking, interpretation a necessary result but one that only develops once one has been brought into and personally occupies the vacuum that is its allure. In one of the rare films where shot-countershot (and indeed any such uninventive or solely reiterative repetition of shots) does anything but take away from it Refn uses the technique to reveal whose…