Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

Rian Johnson was able to take the Star Wars license and twist it in a way that it hasn't been twisted before and by doing that he made one of the best entries in the series. He explores the "grey" median of the force in ways that Lucas and other directors previously ignored in a major way. The explanation of the force becomes again muddled by providing another loose explanation of how the force can develop, but the meaning of the force should be tentative and far from something that can be measured (here's looking at you, Qui-Gon).

Leia and Luke's scene is as powerful as ever on a rewatch. Seeing her face makes me unbelievable sad/happy, and I'm so glad her scenes weren't tampered with in the interest of "canon" (bleghhhhh). And on this topic, honestly if I have to hear one more boring bastard complain about Leia's space scene I'll scream.

The music is as perfect as ever. The sequel trilogy so far has some* of my favourite music out of the entire saga so far (I nearly said "it has the best" until I remembered Duel of the Fates). Rey's Theme in particular is one of my favourite pieces of cinematic music of all time, and the way it is reworked on Ahch-To is beautiful.

I do understand the critics of this film, but I feel like a lot of the criticism comes from the exact opposite of the point of this film, "to let old things die". I feel like the issues that some people have with it is with the fundamental aim and vision that Rian Johnson had for this film, and with that being the case it makes me really makes me sad because I honestly this film is near perfect*. It does give me concerns about Episode IX, in that I feel it might be a weird tonal shift going from this back to an Abram's film, but The Force Awakens is one of my favourite films ever so at the same time I have faith that Abrams will knock it out of the park again.

As always, do not listen to me, because I like the Garbage Binks Film.

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