1917 ★★★★

"There is only one way this war ends. Last man standing."

The one shot gimmick works way better than in Birdman, as this is a film where literally every second counts. As the tagline says, time is the enemy.

Mendes chooses to focus the camera on the little moments of brotherhood and humanity, the little instants where a person leaves their natural selfishness behind and chooses to be there for another person. But apart from beauty in the humanity of the characters, it's also a terrific war thriller, every second ticking with anxiety and dread and fear.

The whole sequence set in Ecoust is something else. What a wonder. Look, I want Jarin Blaschke to win cinematography, but in this movie Deakins created some of the eeriest, most beautiful shots I've ever seen.

The script's a bit stiff on some parts, and the first act has some scenes that drag a bit, but man, this is very good.

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