Uncut Gems ★★★★½

You like the way things are going now?


Whatever you expect from this movie, it's probably wrong. It's not another Good Time: that was tight and this is way, way more expansive and big-theme tackling. This is the chase movie version of Parasite. This is... huge.

The movie hinges on one character, and the Safdies construct this annoying, scummy, dumbass character who you desperately want to both help and punch in the face, and it works. Howard is a jerk, a cheater, a liar and a gambling addict, yet you can feel how scared and how utterly lost he is. He wants to win, to win, to keep on winning, and it's this hubris, this pride, what drives this amazing character.
Adam Sandler proves once again he's an excellent actor who simply doesn't give a damn about making good or bad movies. Fantastic performance.

The score is haunting, the frantic cinematography works wonders, and the script highlights the themes of greed, ambition, and self-destruction related to the destruction of the rest of the world. The placement of this story in 2012 isn't arbitrary: the 2010s is the decade where economic distopia has become firmly fixed and the Safdies know it.

Simply excellent. This review calls this film "what good directing looks like" and they're goddamn right. Goddamn right.

This is me, this is my fucking way. This is how I win.

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