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  • Terrorizers



    Edward Yang's beautiful and eloquent film Terrorizers circles around strangers in contemporary Taipei. With gorgeous and polished cinematography capturing the neon city, each of the characters' loneliness and emotional state are deeply emphasized. It is rather difficult to interpret the film and everything that goes on in the relationships between the characters, but instead the viewer is asked deep questions from looking at the film's simplicity, such as a can of Coke rolling down the floor during a shootout. With…

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  • Satantango



    Bela Tarr's masterwork Satantango reaches cinema at a whole new peak. I was entranced by every single second of its 7 hour and 30 minutes running time. I loved every single dirt on the wall, every single hair on a cow's skin, every single dewdrop of the horrifying rain, every single tear dropping down the miserable characters' faces, every single broken tile on the rooftop of a small house, every single ringing of the church bell and every single inch…

  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    "How long does tomorrow last?"

    Floored. My first introduction to Theo Angelopoulos' work, Eternity and a Day is a mesmerizing and stunning film. I am beyond entranced and immersed. Such a poetic, poignant and ravishing piece of art. Every single frame of the film was devastatingly beautiful, with the unique camera movements and often long and uninterrupted shots, accompanied by a beautiful score.
    The film follows Alexandre, a very ill poet struggling to finish the poems of a 19th century…