Enola Holmes ★★★★

Could my rating be biased because of the fact that the cast has Helena Bonham Carter, Henry Cavill, or more importantly Millie Bobby Brown? Could it have been the fact I fell in love with Louis Partridge the entire movie? Does it have to do with the stylish and quirky fourth wall breaking and wonderful set? Could it have been the fact that Scrabble is my favorite board game too and I almost dedicated my life learning ciphers and almost planned to become a detective myself? Could it also have been because of the great lesson of feminism, and her finding herself instead of finding her mother, hence eventually realizing in the end, that you are the one who decides your path in life? The answer to all of that is an indefinite NO, this was just a great movie.

I end this review saying an iconic line from me and 3 other girl best friends I had while fighting over Louis Partridge, "Why fight when we can take turns."

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