tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★½

Normally, I wouldn't entirely like a biopic and adding it as a musical wasn't really the biggest catch that made me love tick, tick... BOOM, it was the fact that this went on to be very personal to me.

I am also a young, aspiring songwriter whose dream is to make it big or atleast let others hear my music. I've only come to terms with this a few months ago, after a not so recent break up, that I realized it fueled my passion to write about my life and heartbreak, and later on what became just a song in my drafts into a full album. My main problem is the fact that I have no experience in musical instruments or an entirely promising voice or even the money or support to actually be a breakthrough singer. All I have is my pen (well, phone) and my genuine and surprising talent in songwriting.

A lot of my friends give me the cheer and appreciation I want to keep going but sometimes in my life, I do see the challenges that come with pursuing art, especially since I was never born in a rich family, I have strict parents that have too high standards on me as an only child, which is why every year I stray away from my career path choices like when I wanted to be a book or screenplay writer and they laughed off that I didn't have the skill for it or that there's no way I was gonna earn money and survive from pursuing this skill of mine.

I can't shake the noise or the empty feeling that maybe arts is too difficult for me or that maybe I'm just wasting my time trying to pursue something that's never gonna get me anywhere in life. There's always gonna be that voice that's constantly telling me to be more realistic in my life choices. But a part of me, especially this biopic has taught me, that I am still young, I still have time, that it's never gonna be too early or late to chase a dream.

All I'm hanging on to keep going is my platonic soulmate who has kept me sane and inspired all these years. She has become my light, my therapist, my partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on and occasionally punching bag (verbally ok). She still gives me hope that we together can live through with our passions and that someday, we are gonna go big and I'm gonna be on a stage watching an audience singing a long to words I gathered together to form the songs I've crafted with my own tears.

I don't think this is the best biopic musical or could be a nominee in the Oscars this year, but what I can te you is that it's gonna be emotional, and I cried my heart out on this, and this has been the best experience I've had in a while.

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