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  • Letters from Kanai Nirai

    Letters from Kanai Nirai


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Maybe it deserved a higher rating on my part, but I can't get pass that the outcome of the film was quite clear from the start. I never found the story believable so I couldn't empathize with it's protagonist. Once she discovers the truth the film takes forever to end, and it does in such a soppy way.

  • Bokura wa aruku, tada soredake

    Bokura wa aruku, tada soredake


    Loved the slow pace and mood of the film.

  • The Creation of the Humanoids

    The Creation of the Humanoids


    This film was a great surprise. Costumes and sets are really awful, even for 1962, but the ideas and concepts that are addressed are ahead of many other films of the time and later. I really enjoyed it.

  • Pure White

    Pure White


    A heart touching love story.