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  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai

    Zindagi Gulzar Hai


    i would give my life away for kashaf murtaza, she really shouldn't have settled for zaroon.

    zaroon had completely no character development and was a pig throughout, but it's a typical desi man what did we even expect?

    literally EVERY woman in this is a whole ass queen be it rafia, or sara, or even asmara.

    osama the only man that deserved rights, zaroon being hot as fuck doesn't change the fact that he was an absolute pig and kashaf 👏🏻 deserved 👏🏻 better 👏🏻

  • War



    one word: GAY!!!!!

    the subtle homo-eroticism was too much for my gay heart to handle. we deserved a kiss please. watching tiger oogle hrithik on screen was so satisfying because same.

    oh and the scene where the lady says she's ready to leave her husband to run away with kabir, and khalid snorts and says get in line, you can't tell me there was nothing gay implied here.

    vaani was simply sprinkled in like garnish so the chemistry between the two male leads wouldn't be questioned. ma'am literally did a five minute cameo.

    in conclusion, khalbir endgame.