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  • Saint Omer

    Saint Omer


    Had never seen anything by Alice Diop before and it was a really interesting watch.

    The film feels almost naturalistic in its depiction of the world and the courtroom (not a surprising choice given Diop's documentary background). It makes the few moments the music kicks in much stronger, and the Rama's realizations of her resemblance to Laurence much more effective.

    The directions also strenghten this natural feeling, there are a lot of closeups, to see how people talk, think or…

  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise

    The weirdest Godard film I've seen, and that's saying something. I have no idea how to rate this honestly.

    I say "weirdest" because I felt the whole time Godard's intentions in this are unclear. There are moments when you think this is a fully didactic/propaganda film, and then it just feels critical of those young bourgeois revolting and echoing Maoist writing without thinking by themselves. Then it feels like propaganda for 20 minutes again, and then Francis Jeanson comes in…

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  • Dune



    Went to see this litterally on the first time slot it was available lol.

    And well it's the first half of Dune version Denis Villeneuve, as expected. Beautiful cinematography (if a little gray at times) and great editing are on par for the course. Rebecca Ferguson stands out among a stacked cast. The music is one of Zimmer's best in quite some time.

    The film makes a couple changes compared to the novel, especially at the beginning, but honestly they…

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    The best film noir I've seen so far. May even give this a 5/5 if the film continues to grow on me in the coming hours and days.

    It's a satire of Hollywood, of course, but it's also a film about a couple broken people desperately clinging on to the past, and the man that joins this world for money. Loved the way Gloria Swanson acts in this. Her characters cannot help but exaggerate her expressions and use her stare…