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This review may contain spoilers.

Not as good as Get Out, but with a more compelling narrative and structure than Us. Jordan Peele is now 3/3 for me!

Some insanely tense moments in here, and I love how Peele can combine humour and tension (The use of the word "Nope" was a perfect example. The whole theater laughed then). Peele is becoming great at mastering wider shots and you can see that he now gets a much higher budget than before.

Caught two themes so far: environmentalism and wanting to get recognition for your work as an Afro-American. Going to read analysis of the film to see if there is anything else.Daniel Kaluuya is great (as always), and having never seen Keke Palmer in anything, she was a revelation in this!

My biggest complaint about the film is that the third act is fun but takes away a lot of the tension since we're seeing the monster so much. There are still some tense scenes, but those heroic "Hollywood-y" moments did undercut a bit of the dread the monster was supposed to create.

In short, another really good horror film with a social commentary from Jordan Peele.

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