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  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

    Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

    Currently, the popular way to portray the Universal Frankenstein monster is to stick your arms out and lurch forward. Anyone who watches the Universal Frankenstein monsters in order will find that the monster does nothing of the sort in the first four films. Only until Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man does he do it, and there's a reason why he does it that's not even explained in the film. At the end of Ghost of Frankenstein, Bel Lugosi's Ygor's brain…

  • The Ghost of Frankenstein

    The Ghost of Frankenstein

    Unfortunately, this one hasn't improved much since I last watched it. Which is a shame, because Bela Lugosi is just as good here as he was in Son..., and Lionel Atwill is as entertaining as always (and when they're together on screen... *chef's kiss* horror icon goodness), but other than those two delivering delicious villain roles, the rest of the cast here feels out-of-place. As others have pointed out, Lon Chaney Jr. doesn't feel like he's quite at home here…

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