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  • The Constant Gardener

    The Constant Gardener


    You think countries run the fucking world? Go back to fucking Sunday school. It's 'God save our multinational' they're singing these days.

    This isn't going to be about the movie. I just finished reading the book a few days ago and decided to rewatch the movie. When I first saw this, a couple of years after its release, I hadn't even heard the name John le Carré. I saw it as a fan of Fiennes and Weisz and because I…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    This is how much disconnected I am with the current music scene: I had no idea that Alana Haim is a musician of some renown, along with her sisters, in the band Haim, and had even less of an idea that PTA had directed several music videos for them. According to Spotify wrap up, my most listened artist was The Rolling Stones and the most listened song was Wild Horses. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, un-un-stuck in time.

    But it…

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  • Men



    I have been seeing trailers for this in previews for a couple of months now, and the title would always elicit chuckles from the audience. And I am assuming that was Garland's intention. It's a very meme-able title. It also probably helped that it was paired with Nope. So, essentially we were watching trailers for Men, Nope.

    Garland forgoes the science fiction element that has been a staple of his work for quite some time, including the blend of horror…

  • Kundun



    You know exactly where this link leads.

    Liked it but didn't entirely love it. I had avoided it for the longest time because it wasn't a subject matter I particularly found interesting, but it is one of the last few movies of Marty I haven't seen.

    Felt Marty rushed through a lot of it in trying to cover many story beats, and we never really got a handle on the Dalai Lama, his character, the weight of collective morality and…

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  • Kill Your Darlings

    Kill Your Darlings


    Dane DeHaan. This kid has a bright future, if he keeps making good choices. I didn't think anything could make me want to see The Amazing Spider Man 2, but now I am looking forward to it due to DeHaan's presence.

    Anywho, he is not the only star of the movie. A rendition of the origins of Beat Era, this has a who's who of literary names: Allen Ginsberg (who takes the centre stage here with a tremendous performance from…

  • Philomena



    I am gonna be honest. I didn't have high expectations from this movie. I thought this would be a weepy, sentimental and sappy drama, with a couple of strong performances. Not my cup of tea. Instead, it turned out to be a thoughtful, emotional, if somewhat a little weepy, but highly touchy dramedy, with two performances that definitely elevate this based-on-facts story. 

    Judi Dench is really, really good. And Steve Coogan is having the best year of his career, with…