Eye in the Sky ★★★★

Such a morally dense movie. I loved every bit of it. It takes a bit to place all the pieces at their precise locations but once it does, it doesn't stop for a moment. It keeps building the tension, the moral stakes keep rising, the pulse keeps quickening.

This is a very timely movie with themes that are too complex and big to be covered up in one movie, but it tries well. What is the virtue of doing something terrible for the greater good? If the answer is to do it, where does it stop? Is one life lost in the present equal to tens in the future?

There's always going to be a gamble with such situations. It takes immense empathy on one's part to imagine one in the shoes of the person making the decision. It isn't easy. War is ugly, understatement.

This movie made me think, it had me absorbed, the terrific performances from Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and the late great Alan Rickman who has possibly the best line of the movie, and it is a nice bookend. I hope people see this movie to understand the human aspect of drone warfare. To paraphrase from a quote, when death is reduced to a statistic, it gets easier to pull the trigger.

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