Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

Back in Black blasting.
Peter Parker: I love Led Zeppelin.

I had a really good time watching this. Jake Gyllenhaal was a great addition, and gives the best performance in the movie. Apart from that there's stuff you would expect from a Spider-Man movie: humour, teenage hijinks, unsaid feelings, etc, etc.

Sam Jackson and Jon Favreau are welcome additions, having a good time. Always good to see Marisa Tomei, who has ruined all Aunt Mays for everyone in all the iterations of Spider-Man movies. Cobie Smulders is criminally underused, like always. I hope she has more to do in any other follow up movie, she is a pretty darn good actress, Robin.

I enjoy the installments of MCU, they are fun, light, and a good time pass. They do have a template, but they tweak enough things to keep it interesting.

A cameo in the post-credits scene had me smiling like an idiot (I doubt anyone will not enjoy that).

Also, I am currently playing the Spider-Man game on PS4, so my love for the character is at an all time high.

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