Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow

This will be less of a review of the movie and more of how much I fucking love Led Zeppelin and how it was a euphoric, near orgasmic use of Immigrant Song in the movie.

I have loved Led Zeppelin for better part of 10 years. And I knew the reputation that it was really hard to license one of their songs in a movie. Famously, Richard Linklater could only get the title Dazed and Confused but not the song. So, imagine my immense delight when I saw the trailer and the original version of Immigrant Song (the best, maybe only, song about Norse Mythology) playing. And that was the hook. I knew this movie was gonna be special. You don't use Led Zeppelin unless you have a good enough reason. Unless you fucking mean it. They are the Giants Who Roamed the Earth, beings of yesteryear that we are told about in legends and fables, descended from the sky to put the crowd in a trance with their music. From Stairway to Heaven's solo to Immigrant Song's shrieks, they are and will remain my favourite band of all time.

A distant second...Scorpions.

P.S. It's not fair not to talk about the movie. So here's a lowdown: terrifically executed, perfect balance of comedy and big scale action. I am in love with Tessa Thompson. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo shine. Jeff Goldblum and Taika Waititi are great additions. Cate Blanchett is having heaps of fun. Karl Urban got some guns from TEX-AS. A repeat viewing is must.

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