Winter Light

Winter Light ★★★½

My fourth Bergman movie and I think this is my second favourite, next to Scenes from a Marriage. 

Crisis of faith and the silence of God explored via a jaded pastor of a small church. Found it really interesting especially as someone who grew up in a religious culture. It also helps that Bergman kept his more abstract and opaque tendencies at bay here and opted for a more head-on approach in talking about these themes. Even though at a mere 80 minutes, Bergman finds time for long silent scenes, like the opening service.

It’s easy to see his immense influence on filmmakers that came of age during 50s and 60s, both thematically, stylistically and aesthetically. He might not be as formally inventive as Godard or Fellini, but he sure had a thematic richness to his material. He could mine gold out of simplicity.

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