Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½


This movie is under Phase 3, but it's after End Game and it's Nick Fury's start to finding a new suit of armour around the world, so shouldn't it be Phase 4?


Nick Fury is the first person we see and straight away they introduce us to Mysterio, just like that. When they showed us where Peter Parker is since End Game, what I love about this is that they had a big role for Aunt May, the charity work that she does, it also reminds of the Marvel Spiderman on Playstation. When Peter was packing there was uncle Ben's initials on the bag which mean they totally ignore his uncle we might still have a story about it, who knows, I still think they should have something like a nightmare about that. When he arrived in Italy literally not long after we immediately see Hydro-Man, I don't know if this is a flaw? But when Peter Parker shot his web shouldn't have stuck to one of the drones? It went right through as if it was real water? So no one saw Peter jumping and swinging around? They also focus alot on Peter Parker which is actually really important because they show us on how is coping since the death of Tony Stark, what's worst is that I know who Mysterio is and it's not like you can scream Don't trust him! His lying! That new suit was actually really, we finally got a black Spiderman suit and it wasn't bad at all and they didn't make any scene cringy, if you know what I mean.


When they went up against the Molton-Man, I have to admit, those scenes seem like a big blockbuster movie, rhe effects are outstanding, there is so much destruction and Mystero is absolutely really cool, I don't understand how is people hating on this, I know he isn't a real wizard but they gave literally what is in the comics, he has his fish bowl helmet, he has magic powers, he is flying, what more can we ask for? And we got to see the Sandman literally at the beginning, Hydro-Man and now Molton-Man, a full on Mysterio and a Spiderman in a black suit and that's only half way in the movie, and the fact that his age in the movie, he is just starting out as Spiderman, I think what they giving is actually far more than we can ever hope for. The first time I saw Peter give Mysterio Edith, I was actually exciting, and the second they revealed everything, when I saw it in the theatre I could not believe how noisy the theatre went, everyone's jaw literally dropped, now when I watch it again, I have a different reaction because it's so hard to watch him give the glasses knowing who he really is. When Peter was with M.J, I know this is not related but I definitely have those Funko Pops, I always keep Spiderman and M.J Pops together...when the Hologram project activated, two things, firstly I think it was because at that exact time he was practicing using all the drones so that one showed what he was practicing at the time, and the second thing is that Peter's reaction made me laugh because he literally picked that Projector like Spiderman, just watch it again. I found that whole part of telling M.J the truth kind of a big rush. Can someone please send me The Funko Pops of Hrdro-Man and Molton-Man Hahaha!


When Peter went to inform Nick Fury, first of all Nick Fury randomly shows up in a car? Like what the fudge? Peter use your tingle! I have to say that was one of the most cinematic scenes I have ever seen, in theatre and on BluRay, but the theatre experience in IMAX 3D was literally jaw dropping. The visuals is just mindblowing and the sound is literally one of the best, when he was fighting Mysterio even though it was all a hologram I think they gave us something absolutely amazing, the one thing I always hear is how horrible that dead Iron Man is, I know I don't like it either but I think it's just shows you the lengths Mysterio would go to just to torment Peter Parker. This movie shows us how much the death of Tony was effecting him and this was the part of the movie that puts the hero down to lowest moment before the big fight. When that train hit Peter, I still can't figure out how the heck did he survive. When he woke up in Broek op Langedijk? It was the most emotional part of the movie because he really beaten down and the only there to help him was Happy and that scene also reminds of Tony Stark, but I have to admit him creating a new suit was really exciting.


When the big ending came, you thought maybe the previous Elements looked like a Blockbuster, this one just blew it out of the Earth, Air, Fire and water! Because they all fused together like Megatron and an Elemental Fusion! Nick Fury added some humour to that scenes. When Spiderman jumped down, it gives goosebumps, even if you have seen this movie before it's still as exciting as ever, and even though he had to fight the drones, they gave such a big fight, there was cars and buildinga getting destroyed, people running and screaming and they had side characters with his friends running in danger giving souch suspense and I still hear complaints about it? I don't know what movie they are watch? Green Lantern? When he went up against Mysterio that was such an exciting scene especially when he had to use his Peter Tingle, it was one of that moments where you totally feel excited because he is embracing and just replying on his powers. I am actually glad they did that because where have we seen a movie where they showed how important that is and that Web shooting isn't one of his only abilities, who know we could see way more of his abilities rather then just replying on his suit and gadgets. That scene of Peter Parker in New York look absolutely amazing, it felt exactly like the comics and the game, I would love to see Spiderman in New York city, exactly how it looked in that scene. That end credits scene with Nick Fury! Oh My Gosh!


This movie is very much underrated, every scene was beyond cinematic, the scenery of the location was absolutely amazing and we never got to see a Spiderman movie that is taken far abroad, just for that alone this movie is just so great, the villains was amazing aswell because we not only got to see Mysterio who was literally like the comics but we got to see Hydro-Man, Sand-Man and Molton-Man and Mega-Element-Tron? All in one movie. The effects was just amazing, it was big and bold. The sound was one of the best I have heard, the bass was loud so whrnt he we got to see the Elements destroying the city you really felt the bass making it feel like a big blockbuster especially the visions from Mysterio, I am still impressed. I think the story in this movie is completely underappreciated because this is moment where Peter Parker has to over come obstacles and rely solely on his abilities rather than his gadgets. My theory on the ending is that, there is just way too much pressure on Spiderman becoming the next big hero, not only as the story line but the viewers aswell, so having that ending kind of puts Spiderman back down to the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and not someone traveling from pace to place fighting off big taking over the world villains. I think after Endgame and what we expected, I think this movie is just perfect. So for it's amazing cinematography that is just jaw dropping and it's score that is exciting especially the sound effects and the story that had so much destruction and an emotional story of will and power my rating stands, if you don't like, good! Would I recommend you watching this? Yes! Try finding Quentin Beck in the background.


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