Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

It's not about stopping Ragnarok...

Two brothers who looks for their father on Earth, who locked his daughter away, then returns to kill her brothers...Wow! And you thought your family had issues...


The opening of the movie feels like something out of God of War, but then again God of War is based on the same mythology as Thor. The way it's shot you think it's going to be like The Dark world, but after that huge battle and Dragon's head being chopped off, it's bright and colourful exactly like the comics, out of all the movie that represents the comics I think this one is one of the best. Asgard looks so bright and colourful too, and the way it looks is actually better than how they have showed it before. And Matt Damon is hilarious, so Matt Damon signed a contract to play fake Loki, so does that mean he can't play another character in the MCU maybe a superhero? When they went to Earth, it's still unbelievable that they have Doctor Strange in this movie, and when you see Thor and Doctors Strange together their attitude is completely the opposites, it makes Thor's attitude quite immature. When they got to Odin, it must have been really hot there because it looked as if Odin was really sweating. That was such a sad scene but quickly overshadowed by Hela's introduction. How did she travel there? Was it the spell that Odin used and now that he is dead, Hela returned back to him, even though he was no longer there she returned to the last place be was? Immediately when she told them to kneel I knew Loki doesn't Kneel to anybody. Hela actually looks really awesome, her costume, her makeup and the way Cate Blanchett acted, she really went into character, it was the absolute most perfect choice. When they used the Bifrost to get out, it was really shocking when she was follow right behind them, the effects looked really good. When she arrived on Asgard she didn't waste time at, she just killed those people like they were nothing without explanation, why didn't she take the Bifrost sword, why did she leave it there unattended?


When Thor arrived on Sakaar, the bright and colourful image looked absolutely superb, you could see all the details on everything, especially when they people with the masks came, they really looked like comic book characters. When Thor's cape ripped and it was hanging on the one side, was it referencing to the Valkyries? When Scrapper 142 came the way she shot those people, I'm sure the guns should have shot her too looking at the angle. When Thor was taken to the Grandmaster, one thing they don't explain is his powers, because he has mind powers in the comics, so maybe that's how he became the Grandmaster but they don't explain it, but when Thor was tied to his seat and he was seeing all that images, how was he seeing all that images? Was that a projection hologram or did The Grandmaster use his mind powers just like the comics? So now all of a sudden Thor can shoot sparkles out of his fingers? What about all that times he was fighting and maybe the Mjölnir was far away, wouldn't his powers still work without the Mjölnir? Hela gave such an amazing explanation, and he still said who ever you are? Everytime I hear that I can't stop laughing. Feels like a group chat. Believe it or not I have heard people she said she was such a weak villain? Uhm...what movie have you been watching? Justice League? Because she killed the Asgardian army so brutally, but that fight was awesome.


The contents of champions reminds me of the Dragon Ball z tournament, it would be so cool of maybe they all decide to take place in that tournament and see who wins at the end, like maybe Thor, Ant-Man, Spiderman, Black Panther, not Captain Marvel and even The guardians of the Galaxy, that would absolutely so awesome to watch. They did absolutely Justice for the Hulk, compare to the movies we have seen and what they did with the Hulk, I actually think this was the best, they had an entirely arena full of People, with fireworks, and the way they introduced him was amazing. That fight was amazing, this fight felt way different because it wasn't like fighting a villain to stop a bad guy, it was for entertainment so it was much more exciting. When Thor used his Powers I wanted to cheer but it really sucks that they cut that fight short. I still think this was one of the best and most exciting look they had for those characters. Just by the way, out of topic, I have the Hulk from the contents of champions Funko Pop, one of best MCU pops. After that big fight, Thor and Hulk had so much humour in the movie and there was is much comedy. But what really added to the story was when Heimdall used his powers to let Thor we what was happening in Asgard, so can only Heimdall communicate with Thor or the others can too? Was he walking around talking to himself?


When Thor escaped, and got to the ship, I still want to know how did Hulk manage to fly through a Gateway to Sakaar? So when he turned back to Bruce Banner, his acting was really convincing because even I wanted to yell Calm down Bruce! Calm the freakin down! When they are waking around the city and everyone was celebrating, that scenes was so underappreciated because everything looks so surreal yet so colourful and bright, I don't know why it really feels like they on another planet, it doesn't make you think, wow look at that production design, it's as if they really shot this movie on Sakaar. The comedy is on another level, having them improvise and come up with different jokes was such a good idea, especially the banter between them, like how Thor have a scarf on over his head and said it's a disguise and Valkyrie was like I can still see your face, and that famous snake joke, and even get help. When they got that ship, and the other ships was chasing them, that was actually one do the best chases I have seen because everything looked like it was from the comics and they were jumping from ship to ship even when Bruce took out that ship using fireworks, but what was really amazing was that shot when they got through the Devil's Anus, and they were all unconscious it was so cinematic, how did they travel to Asgard to quickly?


This was actually one of the best endings I have seen, because they had a huge fight with a villain, they had a battle, they had people to save, it was one of the best climactic endings I have seen. When they arrived and Valkyrie was putting on her costume to officially become the the Valkyrie, it was such an awesome buildup, did you notice how Asgardian civilians even had swords fighting in the battle, men and women, they were fighting for their lives and that scene where Bruce jumped out of the ship, I can't imagine how in the world can't he writer not write that in the script with out laughing. Did you ever think you would be seeing The Hulk fighting a Vampire wolf on Asgard in the water giving the most cinematic shot ever? They can make such an amazing Hulk movie if they thought completely far out of the box and have stuff like that. When Loki came it was such an awesome moment, they really make all the characters look so great, and we got to see Loki fight full out in battle one last time. It's so sad. When Hela took out Thor's eye, I have to say this, watching this on a 4k tv, you can see be make up just painted over his eye, you can literally see his eye lid. Why did I have notice everything? When he blasted Hela and he flew to the Rainbow bridge it was one of the best moments in the entire movie, he always have the best and cinematic entrances. How did he know how to do all that? Atleast now he doesn't need a hammer pull himself off the ground, now he can pull himself off. When Valkyrie. The first time I saw Loki put that crown into the eternal flame to cause Ragnarok, I knew already he took the Tesseract. When Hela told Thor that she can't beat him and Thor said I know but he can, it was such a perfect moment, there was so much comedy in this movie, I don't know why but I wishing for something funny to happen like for him to say that and then nothing happens, and then he says it again and still nothing happens and then Hela rolls her eyes and then suddenly Ragnarok happens! The ending was funny And heartwarming that I wished Thanos never showed up.


Overall this movie is one of the best representations of the comics, everything is brought and colourful and all the characters are larger than life. They were far more entertaining in this movie than any other MCU I have seen before this, Doctor Strange looked more mystical, Hulk looked amazing in this warrior gear and paint, and Thor lookes more powerful, Loki was also very mischievous and you could see more of his character, Valkyrie was very serious but because of that she added humour and even Bruce Banner, was absolutely hilarious and his character shined more than any other MCU movie. The costume designs was more than outstanding, i think this was the best costume designs they had. The music was extremely exciting and added so much to the movie, it matched who the movie is perfectly. And when they had no music the sound effects was very surreal. So for the cinematography which was one of the best I have seen in this movie, and the sound that was is exciting and for it's amazing story that felt larger than life, how do you think my score will be? Would I recommend you watching this movie? You must check who gives Thor his haircut...


This is not part of this movie review, it's just something fun to explore about the Infinity Stones...
One thing that is said, but it's obviously just speculation, in
Phase three, Ego who was a celestial God died, and then the Ancient one, and then Yondu who was very powerful, and then Odin and Hela and even Asgard was destroyed, all the most powerful people was gone, so Thanos took it upon himself that it was the perfect time to collect the Infinity stones, so after all of them died, if you think about it, what did happen to all the Infinity stones and where did it end up? Imagine if Odin had to hear about someone who has collected the Infinity stones, he would send an army with Thor and the Avengers might follow Thor and who know who else would join from the Nine Realms. Right after Agard was destroyed immediately Thanos came after them, but just imagine if Ego had to go up against Thanos, and Thanos doesn't even know Doctor Strange exists because the Ancient One had been there for centuries.

"That is so wrong on so many levels I don’t wanna fight your sister, that’s a family issue"

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