Midsommar ★★★★

extended cut.

midsommar has been a film i've been feeling conflicted about for a long time. on first watch i liked it but i was just very lost as to what the film was really saying about grief & trauma. over time, my feelings on the film soured and my opinion of it became rather negative, in the past few months, in conversations with @sandsfilms, I've begun appreciating it more and more and today i finally decided to revist it, and go for the 170 minute version in 4k (the transfer looks absolutely amazing, every shot makes me want to cry because of it's sheer beauty & how the 4k just elevates everything present in the shot).

From the opening scene, i knew my experience with this was going to be good. but i didn't expect it to go THIS good.

midsommar is an absolutely incredible film, having a rather simple & easy to follow narrative, but using that simplicity to it's advantage by developing everything around the narrative so even minor moments like Christian leaving his friends & dani to join a dance circle because a girl teasingly kicked him, hit so hard & make me feel so much anger & frustration towards Christian.

This has been said so many times by so many people but gosh, it is astonishing that a horror film set entirely in daylight in a very seemingly pleasent location is so horrifying & genuinely scary.

i still don't LOVE ari aster. i think hereditary is pretty bad & STATJ is downright horrendous, but midsommar is his crowing jewel thus far, damn good film.

edit: kinda done a 360 on this, very mid filmè

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