Ponniyin Selvan: Part I

Ponniyin Selvan: Part I ★★★★★

ive known about this film's existence before i even knew who mani ratnam was (insane i know), and it's truly surreal to me that i just watched it, but the question is, was it worth it? was it worth the near 2 year wait? was it worth all the hype and the baahubali comparisons? is ponniyin selvan truly the epic that everyone wanted?

well i dont know about others but for me, this is absolutely everything i could've asked for. Ratnam working at a scale he's never done before, but still not losing sight of the small things that make him what he is. the music sequences, the glorious wide shots, the conversations being staged in a more chaotic manner as opposed to a regular shot/reverse shot, and so many other aspects ratnam is known and loved for, are fully present here.

the action sequences are so so well done, the final sequence on the ship is just a masterclass in editing, scoring & building tension. Characters enter and exit, and despite being bad with names,i knew and understood AND followed almost everything?? which is just a testament to how well crafted all of this is, to have such a roster of characters and make all of them distinct, memorable and have them share the spotlights somehow is such a ridiculously hard task, no wonder this has never been adapted before despite being in production on and off since the 1960s.

brings a whole myriad of emotions too, the comedic bits with karthi were so unexpected, this is somehow the funniest ratnam film. everything between nandhini/aditya was intensely engrossing but also heart wrenchingly devastating, while other big south films this year have used the coveted interval block to have a thrilling action sequence that changes the course of the narrative, this one just took my heart out of my body and stomped on it. Emotions are the strongest suite of any film for me and this carried so many.

p.s (get it hehe) i mostly don't give any attention to these people but what kind of low attention span bakchods are saying this is boring because it has no action? firstly, if action is the only thing that makes a film interesting to you, grow up. secondly, THERE'S SIX ACTION SEQUENCES IN THIS WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEANNNN.

movie of the year :)

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