Eternals ★★★★

Yo wtf critics. Why the hate. Eternals may have its issues, but it's not the worst marvel movie ffs. I had a blast. It was unique and feels like a standalone SciFi fantasy flick by Chloe Zhao. I was literally counting every little thing she added in the film, like Bollywood, Indian wedding, arab people, openly gay character(first ever in MCU), deaf and dumb lead, playing around with GOT, DC, star wars reference, Ikarus literally flew close to the sun and so and so. Its like she gave her best into this film and I don't think it deserves this hate. Almost feels like a non-marvel formula and I love that. I really hoped Kit Harrington had a bigger role though. And damn the love triangle between Kit, Ikarus and Sersi(Cersei) ... Oof + Ramin Djawadi (the artist who scored game of thrones as well) .

Chloe Zhao deserves more love. I hope the sequel is appreciated.

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