The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

90% of the film, my jaw dropped experiencing the gorgeous visuals on screen. It's a shame I wasn't able to watch this visul masterpiece in a theater. Breathtaking production design, I'm truly speechless. Like any major A24 film, this film truly is surreal, beautiful and can be interpreted in many ways. This Video helped me understand most the of layered theme and meaning behind all the essential sequences and the ending. The soundtrack is eeriely astonishing and perfectly matches with the theme of the film. Daniel Hart you've my respect. It's a shame Dev Patel has not won an Oscar yet and if this film doesn't get enough nomination and wins I'd be damn mad with the oscars (as always). David Lowery blew me away with A Ghost Story and now with this one. Truly a visionary and artsy director I'm looking forward to anything he does in the future.

What a surreal experience! Again. Irresistibly stunning looking film, I wish I saw in a theater. Might be a 5 star on a rewatch.

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