Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

December Challenge Film #30

David Fincher and I go way back.

One of my all time favorite auteurs, his work holds the claim as being the first ever R rated movie I saw in theaters (Alien 3 when I was 8 years old) and the one and only time that watching a movie actually got me in trouble at school (6th grade, Se7en), although I later discovered I could have actually filed a complaint with that situation. I mean seriously, how the fuck can you give a kid detention for merely stating that he saw a movie over the weekend?

In 1999, my mind was blown at the cinema when I first laid eyes upon Fight Club. The direction dazzled me, the writing was so fresh and exciting that, to be perfectly honest, it probably went over my head for the most part. I was in love with the entire atmosphere of the film, and I would go on to watch it at least 5-10 more times over the next few years. Then something strange happened: I just stopped watching it. I don't know if it was overplayed, simply a case of finding new films and losing sight of previous loves, or any number of other reasons, but over the span of roughly 2004 to now as we approach 2014, I believe I only fit one viewing into that span of time. With such a dry spell, the film slipped down the charts and was mistakenly deemed a lesser Fincher.

The other night, as if it was a sign from the film Gods, I was driving with the radio on and Where is my Mind by The Pixies came blasting through the speakers. As I listened, all of the love for Fight Club came rushing back, picturing the incredible final scene with that song playing, and suddenly I had to see the film again. Would I still find it as brilliant as I did years ago? Yes. In fact, I have never loved it more.

Splendidly entertaining, ominous and exciting, bizarre and perfect, Fight Club is back in my heart as an all time great. I think the years away from this masterpiece actually helped my appreciation for it, because tonight felt like I was doing it all over again for the first time.

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