Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober Not originally on the list, but Maniac Cop 2 is and unless it's the Leprechaun franchise, you gotta watch in order.

Wildly inconsistent. Ranges from good to meh to ugly. Well-delivered, fantastic lines of dialogue ("You must've been so afraid Cassie... And you saw a cop," "I've seen my friends get killed," "We just stitch up the parts and put them into a wooden box and bury them" ) often followed by bad acting and even worse dialogue. There is some really good stuff in here, but a lot of the execution falls flat.

Anything with the mayor is absolutely awful. He has so little presence he comes off as more sleazy intern than sleazy mayor. On the other hand Robert Z'Dar has fantastic presence about half the time, and seems like a parody of Jason Voorhees the other half. His movement is calm and cocky with a great stiffness that has much more character than the average slasher antagonist. It shows that he worked as a cop at one point. Then he knocks several times before awkwardly busting a door down, fights naked in a shower, or run-shuffles. The director did not make nearly enough use of him. Setting the finale during the day is a huge misuse of the character and undermines most of what made him work. He is most of the reason I'm looking forward to "Maniac Cop 2." Bruce Campbell is good but isn't given enough screen time.

The music is overwrought and far too loud. The only really great use of sound was the introduction of a character with a damaged leg. The make-up is fine, except at one point the villain drives into the bay and reaches out of the water with his hand. There is almost no make-up, which is noticeably less than earlier. Not a deal-breaker, but pretty representative of the lack of attention to detail throughout.

The camp and humor does not go well with some of the more serious parts, which is unfortunate since the best parts are the most serious or the most campy. Parts of this are absolutely worth watching, but a lot isn't.