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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober 6.0 1st film

The gritty, nasty atmosphere of the first is replaced with the Looney Tunes on ultra-violence. In a lesser movie this would be a bad thing but, where a lesser movie would stop, it finds a way to keep going. The movie has a lot of tropes, that it dials to 11. Lots of movies have a female protagonist be aided by one of the more 'innocent' villains, this goes the extra step of having the villain put on both the cow boy hat, and face of her coworker on her in the process. Heroes in horror often beat the villain with their own weapon, but usually not the weapon the hero ripped out of the enshrined corpse of the villain's grandmother. Even the chainsaw fight is upstaged by dual wielded chain saws. It always finds a way to throw in more corpses, gore, and skeletons, and the fantastic special effects help sell it. That's to say nothing of some of the fantastic images, like Bill Moseley crawling through a dimly lite tunnel and a teenager being chopped up to an Oingo Boingo song.