Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★½

Ugh. This wasn't close to being good.

You'd think the MCU coming off Endgame would have enough decency not to drop the ball with the next Spiderman. But unfortunately this is as bland as it gets.

I had a bad taste in my mouth, right at the beginning, with so many lame Iron Man and End Game references, it didn't even feel like a Spiderman movie. Eventually they moved away from that ... sort of ...

The jokes in this movie were cringe-worthy bad. Not a single one landed. Peter Parker's walking around with an entourage of whiny high-schoolers, cause they're all on vacation. Touring the world. Far from Home etc.

I don't mind his best friend but the rest are just shocking. They all get together with their smart phone jargon, and before anything's happened Nick Fury is complaining about Spiderman "ghosting" him. Pay attention to that cause that's a reoccuring joke. Aye-yi-yey...

Michael Keaton was great in Homecoming, but this time round the villain sucks. His "weapon" is creating CGI illusions. Which look just as fake as the "real" CGI.

Cut to action, blasty-blasty, fly around everywhere BOOM explosion, no just video game illusion, Spiderman shooting webs. So Goddamn boring. After action sequences are done, back to lame Jon Favreau and the bitchy teens. As far as MCU films go, this was one of the worst. Maybe even THE worst.

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