The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

The Batman: 🎵 There's something in the way 🎵 ... and it's a whole bunch of people. Move! I want to see this movie!

Really trying not to be hyperbolic, but Matt Reeves' take on the Batman may just be the best version of this character we've ever seen on screen. His film oozes with imagery that looks like it jumped right off the pages of comic books. Gotham City has never felt more real or more broken. The the batsignal and the bat himself as an idea that instills fear into the criminal underworld has never felt more at play. The catalogue of bad guys have never felt closer to direct adaptations as they do here. Batman has never felt more like the world's greatest detective. The relationship between he and Gordon has never been stronger. Everything about Reeves' superhero noir works. Letting the masked vigilante play in a world reminiscent to that of films like Se7en or Zodiac (as many have pointed out) allows this adaptation to be the closest to rivaling that of the Animated Series. Who doesn't want three hours of the Bat solving clues with his buddies? THIS MOVIE RULES!

The biggest reason it feels so comic book esque is the atmosphere. Every sound and every image feels so enriched with the stylings of classic detective comics. Greig Fraser's cinematography is stunning, a true masterclass of color choice. The moment he was hired, audiences were in for a treat. After his work on Rogue One, Dune, and now this... just give him every nerdy property because he clearly understands them in a way few others could. Then Michael Giacchino's score should already be considered iconic. The Batman theme music rivals what Elfman and Zimmer brought before. Honestly, it might also be among my favorite of Giacchino's impressive works.

The perfection continues all the way into the casting. Again, not to be hyperbolic, but there simply isn't anyway that other actors are touching Pattinson's portrayal. He IS Batman. The verdict on his Bruce Wayne remains to be seen as he only has a few scenes outside the cowl. But I have no doubt he'll be just as excellent as Wayne in future films. I think what makes Pattinson stand out against Keaton or Bale is just how much acting he's able to do with his eyes alone. There's so much expression there, truly the windows to the soul. Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman is exceptional. Not only does she have a very clear chemistry with her co-star which allows the Cat-Bat dynamic to work very well, but she also makes the character able to stand alone. Her portrayal will certainly go down as one of the best. Paul Dano's version of Riddler works in all the ways that it should. Andy Serkis, who was a surprising choice for the role, as Alfred is quite good. Jeffrey Wright's makes Gordon actually feel like a detective. However, the one that steals the show is Colin Farrell as Penguin. Sure the makeup helps, but he completely disappears into the role. I can't wait to see how the character continues to develop.

Overall, The Batman is THE Batman!

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