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This review may contain spoilers.

when you meet someone, when you see someone from afar, and they’re perfect. before you know someone, before you can find a flaw, before you know how complicated, how ugly, and how imperfect they can be.

just to be alone with someone, to watch them, listen to them, not knowing why you are so drawn to them. it feels like physics. a magnetic pull between two objects: an unstoppable attraction.

with carol, that feeling never fades. the powerful attraction that usually fades without mystery, or with routine.

that feeling is preserved, encased in amber through ed lachman’s 16mm film, spoken through carter burwell’s heaving and sighing score, conveyed so delicately through rooney mara and cate blanchett.

and that ending. the same possibility filling the air of their first lunch remains. nothing can take that possibility away. they could movie in together, they could stay together until the end of time, but probably not. no matter what happens, we won’t know. all we have and all we know is this brief time together: a time filled with hope and boundless love, and the frightening excitement of possibility.

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