• Girl, Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted

    I’m also a lazy self-indulgent girl who is driving herself crazy but modernized

  • TÁR


    There’s been an indescribable lull in my life the past couple years. Like the walls of existence as a species are closing in. Tightening. Heating. Squealing. All the light is gone. Between periods of grief, and weaponized, sickening memories, there are merely seconds of manic hope. Mainly it’s just been bleak. I worry I’ve reached a peak and I simply can’t remember the joy of it, or worse, it wasn’t as good as an apex of success was always promised…

  • D.E.B.S.


    One of the greats

  • The World to Come

    The World to Come

    oh sick and miserable heart be still :(

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    the fire is a metaphor for being flaming

  • This Is the End

    This Is the End

    i’d rather be a cannibal queen with a gimp than go to heaven

  • Ma


    Dawson’s Creek but directed by Vince Gilligan

  • Skinamarink


    please send some grownups to help

  • Ma


    maggie came to party

  • Ichi the Killer

    Ichi the Killer

    had to stop it for a while because I was making a yellowjackets fancam

  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III

    not a big deal i always monologue about my master in the dark isolation of a locked room

  • Re-Animator


    This is about getting narcanned