Burning ★★★★

"Breathtaking cinematic piece and a must watch of 2018, Burning is a Hitchcockian thriller that goes deeper and deeper with its looming main character. It is blessed with its slow pace which is perfect for the simple storytelling."

Burning is one most hardest reviewed films for me. I just don't know what to put in words for this amazing film. So bear with me if this is short, inconsistent or shoddy. I believe the title comes from the human's nature of jealousy, the film's main premise revolves around jealousy. For some its the burning of the soul before committing a crime. It could be anything because Burning is profound with its subject. It is intentionally centered on the view, angle (the shaky, rough, and sometimes surrealistic camera work), and what Jong-su can see, think, and understand - reflecting the inner Chaos. For him, the world around him is mysterious, confusing, depressing, and outraging. He has not been doing anything wrong, but he sees no hope or future. He wants to be a writer, but he even does not know what he wants to write. for him, Hae-mi was the rarest luck. As an unexpected guy (Ben) interrupts between Jong-Su and Hae-mi and starts to approach Hae-mi with his wealth, Jong-se's hidden wrath toward outside world become more confused, desperately tries to find out what he can get existentialistic understandings. The protagonist, has pretty much a similar role to its audience, he too is trying to figure out and analyze the world around him, and fortunately, he is at best at his depressive state rather than an overprotective one. Jun as the essential part of the mystery act has played an amazing role to cast the spell of hers enough to not let it wear off until the credits rolls. But the show stealer would always be Yeun, in his rich charismatic cloak. From filmmaking aspects Burning roars even louder and burns even higher. Slow-moving cinematography with outstanding colors for many different scenes. I loved the 20minute dancing routine which was captured in one take was breathtaking. Dim sunset with orange and blue haze is must watch. Overall Burning is stress filled film with a looming mystery that seems to never end. Anxiety at an all-time high as you slowly watch this captivating film. It's a slow, frustrating burn with strange characters and an oddly poetic storyline. You will be mentally screaming at the main character the entire time.

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