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  • Upgrade



    This was BALLISTIC!!! Loved it though, and I count myself as an OG Whannell fan all the way back to the first "Saw." It's like Ex Machina/iRobot and Saw had a threesome, and that's a compliment

    Also: Has a movie ever had more lookalikes in it? LM Green is a Tom Hardy ringer, and the dude playing Aaron has super DeHaan vibes. It totally threw me off!!

    But this was a hoot, and I highly recommend it!!

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    This was a lot of fun!!!! I get why everyone has always liked it so much, even if the "pixie feverdream girlfriend" theme doesn't appeal to me personally. It's a TRIP to see Captain Marvel and retrograde Clark Kent show up, and some awesome cameos from Steve Rogers and my girl Mae Whitman.

    Michael Cera has NEVER EVER done it for me but this was the perfect time for him to play this role.

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  • The Green Mile

    The Green Mile


    Find me a better movie. Hard challenge. Darabont has such a fabulous sense of atmosphere and place. I could feel the time and place in every interaction, in the clothes and the language, even the mannerisms.

    The performances are so good they almost ruin other films for me. Even some of the smaller roles like Rockwell and Cromwell are simply lovely.

    Just one of my top 15 movies of all time, and one everyone should see at least once.

  • Us



    Okay.....Some of this is my fault but I went into this with expectations WAY TOO HIGH from "Get Out" and thats 100% on me. Lupita is great, gimme all your finest Winston Duke stock, and the always magnificent Elizabeth Moss shines, as she always does, in a very small role.

    So now that I've said that: This didn't work for me completely! The swerve didn't shock me, the exposition was confusing(as shit) and the Hitchcockian touches just didn't land in…