• Upgrade



    This was BALLISTIC!!! Loved it though, and I count myself as an OG Whannell fan all the way back to the first "Saw." It's like Ex Machina/iRobot and Saw had a threesome, and that's a compliment

    Also: Has a movie ever had more lookalikes in it? LM Green is a Tom Hardy ringer, and the dude playing Aaron has super DeHaan vibes. It totally threw me off!!

    But this was a hoot, and I highly recommend it!!

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    This was a lot of fun!!!! I get why everyone has always liked it so much, even if the "pixie feverdream girlfriend" theme doesn't appeal to me personally. It's a TRIP to see Captain Marvel and retrograde Clark Kent show up, and some awesome cameos from Steve Rogers and my girl Mae Whitman.

    Michael Cera has NEVER EVER done it for me but this was the perfect time for him to play this role.

  • The Green Mile

    The Green Mile


    Find me a better movie. Hard challenge. Darabont has such a fabulous sense of atmosphere and place. I could feel the time and place in every interaction, in the clothes and the language, even the mannerisms.

    The performances are so good they almost ruin other films for me. Even some of the smaller roles like Rockwell and Cromwell are simply lovely.

    Just one of my top 15 movies of all time, and one everyone should see at least once.

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    This is one of my favorite kind of horror movie genres: Fun, thrillery and with a Three Act structure that doesn’t take itself too seriously 

    Nobody wins Oscars for stuff like this, nor should they, but I want more stuff like this out in the world when it resumes. It’s a good time, has some really cute tricks and Rothe/Modine and Broussard all clearly had a good time doing it. 

    And Jason Blum, please beat me about the legs with an 18th century whip, pour lemon juice in the wounds and sign me up for several high interest credit cards. I love you Dude.

  • Vice



    Really tough for me to give a movie about the literal antichrist more than 1 star, but I’m gonna make the case. 

    Bale consumes another person in this film, not that it should surprise anyone. Amy Adams is a bit underutilized, if I’m being honest? And Carell is HILARIOUS as Don Rumsfeld, himself also an absolute charlatan IRL. Rockwell as WB is just great, in its limited use. 

    In the end, this movie is about an opportunist and power broker…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Allow me to start my review with this very angry sentence: RALPH FIENNES HAS NO OSCARS AND ONLY TWO NOMINATIONS. 

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system: This is a fun time. I need to see Tenenbaums/Rushmore/The Life Aquatic and get a more full Wes A experience but this has some great singular performances in it and like all ensemble films, you see people pop up (Adrien Brody, case in point) and it makes you think of other…

  • Horrible Bosses

    Horrible Bosses


    Fun little pulp comedy, with some really good bits here and there. Mostly just silly gags and sexual humor, but a nice vehicle for Sudeikis (who was printing money during this time), Bateman (always somewhat underrated) and Charlie Day, who I’ll  freely admit as someone who’s never watched IASIP is pretty amusing. 

    I can’t say anything much about Spacey given current events except MAN is he a great actor and I hope he never works again. My Colin Ferrell stock…

  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    This may be the last movie of it's kind. Perfect casting, flawless execution, and atmospheric tension at 11. It's trite (even for me) to continually mention the Oscars, but this movie won all of them. And deservedly so.

    Damme was never better, Foster is at the peak of her powers 3 years after "The Accused" and Hopkins.....I mean, what can you say that hasn't been said already. His performance is the gold standard for so many things: Menace, terror, and…

  • Us



    Okay.....Some of this is my fault but I went into this with expectations WAY TOO HIGH from "Get Out" and thats 100% on me. Lupita is great, gimme all your finest Winston Duke stock, and the always magnificent Elizabeth Moss shines, as she always does, in a very small role.

    So now that I've said that: This didn't work for me completely! The swerve didn't shock me, the exposition was confusing(as shit) and the Hitchcockian touches just didn't land in…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    What a good time this was. I can't say I had ever seen an Elgort movie before and just came away completely enamored with him. Hamm is fabulous, as he always is, and Foxx/Spacey/Gonzalez/James are fantastic in their supporting roles.

    This has such an incredible Edgar Wright energy, and even though the predictable last 20 minutes didn't totally work for me, the previous 75 did in every way.

  • Dredd



    There are so many things I LOVE about this movie: Alex Garland, Karl Urban, the remarkable Lena Headey and the always overlooked Wood Harris. There's a neat visual style that's a little too indulgent of early Frank Miller stuff like Sin City, but it works

    I can forgive some of the very wild plot holes but just to be heard, outrunning a superpowered Gatling Gun straight from Gears of War is going on my Mt Rushmore of "ridiculous feats that…

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Garland is a real professional of atmosphere and using human connections to explore the fantastical. Feels to me like he’s Ridley Scott, if he had grown up with Google in his life. 

    I haven’t disliked a single thing Alex Garland has put his hands on yet, and doubt I’ll find anything soon.