United ★★★★

Being a Manchester United supporter, this does hit home quite hard. I'm too young to have witnessed the Busby Babes, but I've lived in the shadow of this terrible event for my whole life. Being around the club, in the stands there is always something to remind me of that tragedy.

I like this portrayal of the events, the aftermath and how the club fought to survive against the odds. And survive it did, now possible one of the greatest club teams in the world.

I also like how the film stays away from actually showing any football matches using the cast, they only every showed original news footage. It keeps the drama focused on the people and the club and not on the actually games of football.

The cast is very good, the youngsters playing the Babes are great, they seem to have that unity, a friendship that you would expect from a football team. It comes through as quite genuine through out the film. Jack O'Connell does a fine job as Charlton, and I like Scott as Busby and Tennant as Jimmy Murphy.

Overall a decent telling of the Munich Air crash in 1958 and how the club fought on after it!