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  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil
  • Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia
  • Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines

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  • Essene


  • Black Moon Rising


  • Heavy Metal Parking Lot

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  • Essene



    a slowly and poetically beguiling film. Essene, Wiseman's sixth feature was his strangest to-date, yet clearly exhibits an accumulation of interests from the previous couple films, including the beauty of church hymnals, interrogating the rituals/rhetoric of Western christianity, extended scenes of dialogue and the executive meeting.

    but probably more importantly, Wiseman obliquely continues his look at American institutions by stepping into an arena that asks, "can we live outside of the American institution?" thereby exploring the answers to that question, but also how isolated communities can resemble and adopt institutional frameworks.

    more to come on Wiseman Podcast

  • Black Moon Rising

    Black Moon Rising


    this film fosters a lot of goodwill -- a car film starring Tommy Lee Jones as a loner man-for-hire in a distinct and distinctly sanitized vision of Vegas set to 80s synths. ultimately, its a shame it doesn't go as dark as TLJ is capable of, and I can't help but wonder what this would look like if a Michael Mann type made it, but its a cool time

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  • Old



    a mainstream high-concept film about inescapable age is vintage M. Night, hitting terror, comedy and bittersweet sadness with real dexterity.

    its at its most touching when it focuses in on Bernal and Krieps' relationship. Old's concept allows him to capture the wide spectrum of a long-term relationship -- its difficulty, bitterness and eventual grace notes -- in a way that few films are able to naturally.

    unfortunately i think the ending is a real bummer misfire in an otherwise impressive…

  • Irrational Man

    Irrational Man


    Allen's like 4th or 5th riff on getting away with an awful crime. seems fascinated by the subject. not sure why