Shawn Peer

Property of the MCU, as well Oscar-winners Damien Chazelle & Daniel Kaluuya

Favorite films

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • The Dark Knight
  • La La Land
  • Whiplash

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  • Magic Mike


  • The Bourne Identity


  • Thunderball


  • A Man Called Otto


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  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Jonathan Larson: “Aw man, I can’t figure out my next musical. :(”

    Landlord: “Ayyy, Johnny, do you have my… rent?”

    Cut to black

  • Eternals



    The credits began and the only thing Ethan and I wanted to talk about was the Wicked casting news

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  • The Eyes of Tammy Faye

    The Eyes of Tammy Faye


    me: I’m fine 

    my headphones:

    Disco Jesus - Jessica Chastain 
       1:00 ━━❍─────── - 2:25
                        ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
         Volume: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    Dear Evan Hansen


    Fellas, is it gay to think of your homies each night and rub your nipples as you moan with delight?