Enola Holmes

Reading the plot for this movie had me intrigued, but I, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy this movie at all. Don’t get me wrong this movie wasn’t terrible by any means, I just don’t understand who it was made for. Around 20 minutes in, I began to realize that the movie was obviously made for younger audiences, and then I looked and saw that it is rated PG-13.

A few quick points were I found the random change in plot around halfway through to make no sense, and the movie never fully got back to what it set out to do. I also can’t be the only one that was extremely disappointed with how Enola ended up finding her mother, it was incredibly lackluster and quite honestly, stupid. Additionally, Enola randomly looking and talking to the camera didn’t work for me at all. So all in all, Enola Holmes did have some cute moments, but overall I didn’t really care for it. I guess I’m a person that hates cute and fun things?!

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