Scream 2

Scream 2

While it wasn’t as good as the original, I still had a good time with the sequel. One thing that I love when watching these films is how fast time goes by. This movie does not feel two hours long, and major props to Craven for keeping my short attention span engaged the entire time. The car and sound booth sequences were also amazing and had me on the edge of my seat. They seem to have gotten a lot more creative in the suspense and horror elements.

A few small issues that I had are I thought it was kinda ironic how this film was commenting on sequels, but then ended up not surpassing the original. Also, while I didn’t see the twist coming of who the killer was, I was still a little let down by the reveal. It didn’t subvert my expectations in the ways that I was wanting and hoping it too. So while I don’t think Scream 2 was an amazing sequel, it was still incredibly entertaining, and it was great being back in this world again. I’m super excited to continue with the series.

Also, hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! :-)

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