Us ★★½

Jordan Peele’s sophomore film is definitely ambitious and I would even go as far to say unique, though being ambitious and unique couldn’t save this film from being a total disappointment for me. A film where identity is a theme, though the film itself is struggling with what it actually wants to be therefore feeling rushed, abandoned, and incoherent. This isn’t a bad film whatsoever, but it feel like the concept, which is good, got to Peele’s head. So many ideas are presented, but they show up to never be touched upon again and that feels like to me that Peele was hitting so many speed bumps while working on this script. I hate to compare, but Get Out was such a nice balance of drama and comedy but with Us it didn’t work for me at all in this aspect. We would get nice build up of tension then all of a sudden it would be broke with comedic relief, and this happened quite a bit to the point where it honestly reminded me of how the comedic relief is used in MCU films. On the bright side, I did absolutely love the score, and most of the acting is pretty great. Some enjoyable scenes here and there. Again, I like it for being ambitious and out there, and all respect goes out to Peele for making it but Us is a big disappointment.

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