Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★½

Being single and in my 20s seems more terrifying than liberating at this point in time (where I am currently neither of those things), but Frances Ha makes it seem like it might be alright, even if it's only on the condition that you're Greta Gerwig and you're in a black-and-white film and you're running down the street to "Modern Love" by David Bowie.

On another day I may have found this insufferable, or I may have adored it. If I come back after I've had my share of flat-jumping and friendship betrayals, I've no doubt this will hit a lot closer to home. But even in my inexperienced state, a lot of moments here strike very true and got me thinking about where I am in life and where I will be in ten years. For such a breezy 86 minutes, it's one of the weightier cinematic experiences I've had in a while. This definitely isn't my last dance with Frances.

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