tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★½

Anything that mines the creative process, how it informs your life and your work and your relationships and vice versa and all that jazz, is probably gonna work on me. I can barely stomach some of these numbers - although there are the odd few that are genuinely very well put together on screen - and I remain sceptical of anything that gives theatre kids this degree of validation, but as someone with a crippling inability to fulfil the yearning inside me to take all the love and pain around me and channel it into art (all the while aware of just how little time any of us really have), I found this nestling its way somewhere deep.

Forgive me if this is corny, but the triple-punch of new releases I've seen these last few days - The Matrix Resurrections, Licorice Pizza and now, unexpectedly, tick, tick...BOOM! - have felt, in this transitional time of the calendar (and indeed my life), like a message from the world, telling me to follow those dreams of mine. The last couple of years have been the most introspective of my life, even in a life already full of introspection, and I find myself paralysed by listlessness when it comes to doing anything of real note, especially when those things are for my own personal reward. Despite the onslaught of doomsaying about the world at large, there's opportunity all around me - there's support, there's means, and there is (although it can often seem otherwise) time. And each of these three films has stirred me, shook me even, and fanned this latent passion within me to get out and use everything around me to create. Anyone who knows me knows I can talk, and so often it is talking that stops me from doing. But this is a new year, and I want to make the most of it while I'm here. And as long as I have my fingers and my ears and my friends, and films like this to come along at the right time, I have everything I need.

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