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Joseph Belanger

Freelance film critic/journalist but prefer the term film enthusiast.

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  • Lion



    Wow. What a story. And what a beautiful debut feature. Oh, and also so, so many tears. I've heard the word, "conventional" thrown around when describing "Lion", which I think is unfair. Sure it is a linear narrative with plenty of moments that will hit all the right pressure points with audiences. And sure it all culminates in a traditionally "happy" ending that will have even the most cynical amongst us fighting back the tears. But there is a true…

  • Moonlight



    Four films in and "Moonlight" is easily the best film I've seen at the festival so far. It is a magical experience, not so much in its tone, but rather because of its sheer existence. It is a coming of age story, but one that genuinely feels like a take on the topic that I have never seen before. Perhaps that might be my own ignorance but judging from the emotional reactions from both the audience and the cast and…

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  • Looper



    In 2005, a little movie called BRICK boldly announced the arrival of writer/director, Rian Johnson, as a crisp, witty new voice in cinema. It also solidified its star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the it indie boy of the day. Seven years later, the twosome have finally reunited and their new collaboration, LOOPER, showcases their maturity and growth, demonstrating just how far each of them have truly come.

    As they are quick to explain in the narrative, time travel does not exist…

  • Safety Not Guaranteed

    Safety Not Guaranteed


    Whether you’re spending your time running away from it or whether you’re constantly obsessing over every tiny detail from it, the past inevitably leaves its mark on everyone. Of course, there are also those who take it all one step further and build elaborate and unstable time machines from whatever parts they can piece together at their disposal. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is about that guy. Well, it’s about more than that but more importantly, it is also one of the…