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  • Closet Monster

    Closet Monster


    Scavenger Hunt 59
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    Task 12. A movie with an event or detail that reflects your life experience (anything goes, big or small)*How does seeing this element of your life reflected make you feel? Does it feel accurate to your experience?

    If you’re going to make a sad, gay teen movie, this is the way to go! Even though it’s sad, it doesn’t feel hopeless like some other gay movies. The character of Wilder played by Aliocha Schneider is…

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Is this the best Star Wars in the series? Possibly. I have to rewatch Solo (which I proclaimed to be my favourite last year) to know for certain, but I’m leaning towards yes. The Last Jedi is an amazing Star Wars movie that subverts all expectations and delivers us something unique and breathtaking. Each character goes down a path that I was not expecting. Luke being selfish and beaten. Leia getting to utilize the potential of her Jedi abilities. Poe…

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  • The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    Lots of bloody murder and mayhem in this spaghetti western contains a few surprises that are genuinely fantastic and a subversion on typical western type movies. The “bandits” are poor and hungry citizens who are accosted, the bounty hunter, who we normally see as the hero in westerns, is the bad guy, and a mute character is our protagonist. I’m definitely making some generalizations, but it serves the movie well. There are some incredibly bleak moments in this that can leave a bad taste in the viewer’s mouth, but it’s well worth the watch.

  • Lovers Rock

    Lovers Rock


    Yeah, this was not for me. I don’t really like this vibe kind of movies and this one was no exception. Good music, but I wish there was a bit more of a narrative.

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  • Life Overtakes Me

    Life Overtakes Me


    This is a frustrating doc in a lot of ways. It focuses a lot on these 3 families, and each of them have their own tragic backgrounds about why they fled to Sweden. We learn about their kids having Resignation Syndrome, but that’s about it. Their characters are defined by this syndrome that is starting to effect more and more kids. The doc decides to show a narrow focus of it, and there was an opportunity to do a deeper…

  • Daughter



    I did not like this very much. The animation style is neat and it’s got great sound design, but the camera work was odd and out of place. The plot is barely recognizable and I never got a sense for the world the short was in. It’s my least favourite of all the Oscar nominated shorts so far.