Fantastic Planet

Watched as part of The Film Club.

Animated films have always been one of my least liked genres of film. I find I have a harder time of getting into them than I do live-action films. This may be because I watched more live-action movies growing up than animated. But I still like to give them a shot, and sometimes, the weirder ones work for me like 2019’s I Lost My Body. I was wondering if Fantastic Planet would do the same, but it didn’t. I didn’t find myself enjoying much of this movie besides the animation, which still looks great in 2020. I really tried to get into this, but it lost me quickly and became more unfocused as the film went on. The plot is a bit boring and problematic for me, mostly because it doesn’t make too much sense. The characters are all thin and none of the motivations work for me. The music can be too much at times and the constant fade outs with the editing grew tiresome fast. I know this is a beloved film, and I wish I loved it too, but alas here I am, giving it a 1.

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