Parasite ★★★

Gonna keep this brief, I enjoyed the movie a little more this time around, but the issues I had on the first watch are still here and stand out more. The ending is pretty weak on this rewatch. I wish there was a better way to convey the ending than how the movie showed it. There are points too when characters should have been discovered, particularly one scene when crumbs are wiped off a table that clearly have gone all over the floor and nowhere hidden. The climax is thrilling, but I can’t help but think it’s edited in such a strange way, that it seems disorganized in some way. And I thought it was a funny moment when a teenager was carrying something and thinking that there’s no way she could have. The acting is great, and the cinematography is top-notch. Song Kang-ho isn’t at his best here, but it makes sense why he is one of the best movies stars in South Korea.

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