Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★

Wild at Heart was certainly a strange movie. I’ve liked most of David Lynch’s work except for Dune, and while Wild At Heart is a better movie, I still think it’s a weak movie. The acting in this movie rides on the right side of cheese and excess that they are pretty good and a lot of fun to watch. Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern sure knew how to have a fun time, with some good supporting work from Willem Dafoe and Diane Ladd. Where the main issues come from is the story. It feels like a movie that has been stretched to 2 hours and at some points feels like it has no substance behind it. So many scenes of characters having sex, and having a real, serious conversation. I don’t know what Lynch is going for, but it doesn’t work for me. I wish it was a little more focused as a whole, with some scenes feeling wholly unnecessary. The surreality of the movie was interesting to dissect, but also made this one of Lynch’s weirder films. I was a bit bored till the ending of the movie, but the ending fully committed to being zany and garnered the one laugh I produced watching this movie, which involved a dog. I don’t hate that I watched this movie and am glad I got to see another work from Lynch.

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